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Why I believe in The Conspiracy of The Rich

I’m a big fan of The Conspiracy of The Rich The 8 New Rules of Money. I believe in what Robert is doing and I have been a fan of his ever since Rich Dad Poor Dad.

What’s unique about this work is that a) he is writing each chapter in pseudo draft and publishing it on the internet and then asking readers to comment, he then amends it inline with the feedback and b) this is one of the richest men in the world saying the rich have conspired deliberately to keep us from earning our full potential.

I thoroughly recommend you visit www.theconspiracyoftherich.com and register, it’s free and it allows you free full access to the Chapters he has written so far.

This post is a review of the Introduction which when I first read it I thought was truly shocking. All the more so because it was written by a self made man and not a particularly left wing person with no experience of being rich or being an entrepreneur. So when Robert Kiyosaki calls something a conspiracy you better listen for your financial health.

He starts the book off with the following sentence, “Is the love of money the root of all evil? Or is the ignorance of money the root of all evil?”  His argument, and I agree which is why I am a Financial and Wealth Education Consultant, is that it is irresponsible of all governments to leave financial education out of the school curriculum. He actually uses the words, “cruel and unconscionable”, strong stuff. Continue reading “Why I believe in The Conspiracy of The Rich” »

How to get into good habits

Habits are very good things or are very bad things. For home Internet businesses they should be good things if you are going to be a success. The thing about habits whether they good or bad it’s very difficult to overcome them. Why is this?

How habits drive us

Habits are driven by your subconscious, which is basically your outlook on life and is emotion based. Your outlook creates your attitude, actions and your results and in the end is your life. So it follows if you are going to be a success you have to have good habits. And each bad habit adds to the negativity you are carrying round. The ability to be successful basically boils down to simple choices in order to earn extra money. Your choices are yours to control, we all know what the correct choice is in most situations.

The issue is why do we make the wrong ones? It’s because often it’s easier to go with our bad habit than to stop, think and make the right choice. The good news is when we keep making the right choice it becomes a good habit.

Changing bad habits

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How you manage your own finances when you study for a GED

The first lesson relates to how you manage your own finances. This lesson is the basis of all the other actions. Bringing in extra money alone is no cure for financial difficulties. It is really just a sticking plaster. You have to deal with the root cause. For example for Joan the root course is lack of proper education, she left a high school when she was 16, she is 23 now and still doesn’t have a high school diploma. It limits her earning potential tremendously.  Luckily for Joan there are opportunities do correct this mistake, she can take a GED test and then she will receive a GED certificate. This certificate is the equivalent of  high school diploma. This is a first step she needs to fix it in order to have a better future, with the GED she will make at least $9 000 more per year

Getting GED is not a lengthy process, it might take Joan 2-4 months to get ready if she will follow intensive online classes for the GED. But what do you do in between. Play on the lottery?

There is a reason why you never see wealthy people as lottery winners. Quite simply they never play the lottery. Their mindset would be to take that £1 you put on the lottery and put it in the bank. Assume you pay the lottery twice a week that would be $2 a week or $104 a year. Now how many people who play the lottery receive a guaranteed $104 plus interest a year? Add to that the fact that 95% of all lottery winners are back at the level of income they had before winning, this shows more money alone is not the long term solution. It’s what you do with your extra money that counts.

So the first of the cures to your poor finances is to improve your bank balance. Then you can then find ways to make extra money. The easiest way to do this is the 10% solution. Aim to spend just £1 ($1) less for every 10 you spend in a day. What this means is when you think about buying something ask two questions:

  1. Do I really NEED this?
  2. Can I buy the same thing 1 brand lower?

In one month of following this approach I saved $150 and my wife and I noticed no difference in lifestyle. All wealthy people have followed this path. To gain long term extra income you must first be able to invest. That means paying yourself first.

The last part of the process requires discipline, take the amount you save and put it into a cash based savings account. When you get used to this lower level of expenditure set up a regular payment to your savings account from your bank.

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Secrets to improving your confidence

I have been doing a series on the secrets to improving your confidence. This fourth article reveals the secret of speaking up.

As someone is considering working from home as one of the ways to earn extra money confidence is key. The level of your success is directly tied to your level of confidence. People naturally want to follow confident people.

In a legitimate home Internet business you will receive training on many aspects of marketing in theory. However there will come a time when you will have to speak to someone who wishes to join you in your business.

Most people have a level of discomfort when talking to someone interested in joining their business opportunity. This is perfectly natural. The situation is similar to attending a meeting in a ‘job’ or say a conference. The Chairperson or Speaker finishes and asks if there are any questions? In a lot of cases there are none. Continue reading “Secrets to improving your confidence” »

Distress versus Eustress

Focus on your strengths instead of improving your weaknesses – Quite often people are told to ‘do something about their weaknesses’ in order to ‘get on’. Actually this seemingly logical advise is very illogical and is counter intuitive.

Everyone is good at a maybe five to six things and they are average at a lot more. It is easier and smarter to leverage your strengths than increase your weaknesses slowly. This is known as ‘multiplication’ over ‘incremental’ changes. It’s what is meant when a business focuses on its core business to strengthen their position.

Too much of a good thing becomes the opposite – This may seem odd however its often the case if someone spends too much time on what they perceive as a good thing they become the opposite. In the case of wanting more time the idea of having lazy days seems ideal. However the end result we are aiming for is freeing up time to do something we really want to do instead of days of doing nothing. Continue reading “Distress versus Eustress” »

Things To Avoid When Writing a Headline

  1. Came across another (as usual) great post from copyblogger about headline writing. I have to say this is an area where I have problems starting in both my posts and my articles. Mine always seem boring. A piece of advice I got recently was write your headlines like a ‘thriller writer’. That helped but this post by Jonathan Morrow is the ‘real juice’ and I will follow it’s advice.

    He lists 12 things to do when writing headlines:

    Avoid being original –  I had to do a double take when I saw this. Basically what he is really saying is broaden your resource material. You should as a writer keep a ‘rip off’ file. This is where you see a great piece or headline and ‘rip it off’ – I just cut and paste good headlines then play around with them. I have not done this consistently enough so I will be doing this more consistently. Do this until you get a real feel for a good headline and you can then be original.

  2. Stand out – Look at what other Blogger and article writers are doing in your niche. I they are writing mainly short pieces do a long piece and vice versa. Or mix it up.
  3. Avoid being clever – Clear, direct headlines beat clever funny ones every time.
  4. Be satisfied – Is your headline smacking of desperate attention or does it command attention. Aim for the latter.
  5. Think about your readers – Always craft your headline around what your readers are interested in. This should be based on know the topics your readers are interested in.
  6. Remember your peers – If you want to get links you have to impress other bloggers operating in your niche. After thinking about your readers consider your peers
  7. Remember social media – If you are looking for traffic from the main social media sites remember that audience as well. You need to think about your target social media audience when you write your headline – i.e. from the beginning.
  8. Remember your personal style – Fit your headline with your personal voice. Could your reader’s look at one of your headline’s and know it was one of your pieces without clicking on it?
  9. Make up your own mind - When struggling for a headline avoid asking your friends. They are more likely to come up with clever and funny which you should avoid.
  10. Go for the magic – Jonathan says that getting a great headline is like Harry Potter getting his wand. He only picked the one that was right for him – go for the magic nothing less.
  11. Forget your failures – Remembering your failures will not help except as a learning exercise. Jonathan’s advice remember one word: next.
  12. Remember you headline is just the beginning – A great headline is a good start but it’s the opening paragraph that will carry the piece to the end.

With thanks to Jonathan Miller of copyblogger for a great original post that I have just aimed to pass on.

The Things That Make a Great Tweet

Surfing the web today I came across a great Mashable article on what makes a great tweet. For people new to social media marketing (smm) I think this is really useful information on  how to use tweets well.

The best tweets fall into four categories:

  1. Informative – These are tweets with link to informative information your followers may find useful. These tweets help by saving then time to have to get to the same link
  2. Humorous – Who doesn’t want to smile? This is one of the reasons you will find humorous stuff on this Blog – I just want people to want people to watch something that makes them grin. So it can be sharing a joke or just sharing a funny video you have seen or something you have read while surfing the web.
  3. Personal – You have to be a little careful with this. Tweets about your personality, interests and concerns. This makes people see you more realistically.
  4. Inspiring – These are usually a quote that help people overcome difficultly or provide insight into an issue.

So there you have it four simple criteria for your tweets that will attract people to you on twitter.

What does it take for a paradigm shift?

A paradigm shift is a shift in the way in which you look at a particular topic, subject, knowledge area or way of approaching how to do something. The interesting thing is that people get stuck in paradigms because of what they believe to be1 the truth, i.e. an absolute truth. When in reality there are only facts and ‘the truth’ is just a way of looking at those facts.

People usually feel comfortable with their, “truths”, or their version of reality. When I say this to people they often think I am ’splitting hairs’ and that ‘facts’ and ‘truths’ are the same. Well actually nothing could be further from the truth. It is a recorded fact that when Columbus approached the American coastline the local natives could not see his ships. Now it’s a fact the ships were in the sea, but as far as the natives were concerned the truth of the matter was they were unable to see them. Whereas Columbus could see the natives. So what is happening here?

Put simply the local native population had never seen sailing ships and had no frame of reference to interpret the data being sent through their eyes to their brains. However Columbus and his crew had seen people before so they could see the local people even if they may have looked odd, they were still familiar enough to be recognized. Continue reading “What does it take for a paradigm shift?” »

How making people feel important makes you money

As I have mentioned in previous posts one of the central points that Dale Carnegie in How To Win Friends and influence People makes is that we all have an innate need to feel important.

Once you firmly fix that concept in your mind then you can use it in many ways in your business life. The side effect is it is one of the best ways to earn extra money in work from home careers. This is because you need people to instantly like you. This is now becoming more widely accepted with the concept of YOU inc. and Personal Branding.

It’s a proven fact that people buy things from people they Know, Like and Trust. Someone will only trust you if they like you as you can see from this three step process.

You may think that getting anyone to like you is pretty impossible. However Carnegie quotes several examples in his book where someone simply set themselves the challenge of, ‘I’m going to get that person to like me’ and did it; even perfect strangers.

The secret is to make them feel important, let me repeat that, make them feel important. To quote Carnegie:

“The unvarnished truth is that almost all the people you meet feel themselves superior to you in some way, and a sure way to their hearts is to let them realize in some subtle way you realize their importance, and recognize it in some subtle way”

You can make someone feel important by paying them a compliment, but be specific in your praise. If you think someone appears to have good organizational skills and they would be an asset if they were interested in work from home careers with you, say so. This will develop a relationship of trust and can lead to a mutually beneficial business relationship. Just say, I know that my friend want to be a nurse so I will help her to find resources about becoming  a nurse and then compliment her, saying you are a born nurse, I really like how you take care of my mom. You know what I mean?  Continue reading “How making people feel important makes you money” »

Twitter for business and Reeds Law

The last week there has been a raging debate as to why Mike Dillard the ‘guru’ of attraction marketing stopped following 10,000 people on Twitter.

Let me first explain that Twitter like all social media networks has it’s own form of etiquette the golden rule of which is if someone follows you you follow them back. This creates a two way relationship and you end up with a channel of people to ‘twitter’ to.

The normal thing to do is to join and find some people fo follow with like minded interests and develop a following. Why? Well as a network or direct sales marketer marketer it really is quite simple. The power of leverage. There is a scientific basis for this and it’s called Reeds Law and all social media networks operate on Reeds Law.

Reeds Law which is also known as the ‘Law of the Pack’ works as follows. Assume a group of 100 people is in Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn< Twitter and other social networks. These 100 people cannot only talk between themselves, but they talk across communities this means there are 2 to the power 90 interconnections!. If that is not a reason to get into ‘gateway drug’ for social media the rest of this post is not for you. Continue reading “Twitter for business and Reeds Law” »

Why having a mastermind group help you in earning extra money

Why having a mastermind group is one of the ways to help you in earning extra money 

Gerry Robert has written an excellent book called The Millionaire Mindset. I use him as a ‘virtual mentor’ because he is someone who has come from complete poverty to great success. His book promotes the idea of using a Mastermind Group to help you accelerate you way to earning multiple sources of income. A Mastermind Group is a group of entrepreneurs in the same business opportunity together with the aim of helping everyone in the group succeed. They follow a 6 step process:

  1. Write a clear objective for the group and get everyone to verbally agree to the common objective
  2. Create a list of things or resources the group members will need if they are going to achieve the objective
  3. Generate as many ideas as possible by brainstorming
  4. Provide contacts of people who can help the group with the ideas generated
  5. Prioritize the ideas
  6. Move into action straight away – work on your top priorities

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