Interview with MaxBounty

We were fortunate to be able to pick JP’s brain a bit and learn more about the industry. We thank him for the opportunity and wish him continued success with his network! Enjoy the interview.

Q. Can you tell us more about yourself and your company?

A: I’m JP Sauve, co-founder of, and have been involved in online marketing since 1997.   I began simply because I wanted to earn a little extra cash while attending school but soon saw the real potential behind affiliate marketing.    Even in those early days, it was very clear that a ton of revenue was waiting for a right minded entrepreneur.    We began with simple search engine pages, expanding to mailings lists, coregistrations and it blossomed from there.   We quickly outgrew the few CPA networks available back then and started as the better alternative for our peers.

Q.What value does your company provide versus the hundreds of others in the space?

A. Our history gives us an excellent perspective on what affiliates want.   We have 8 years of helping affiliates build their fortunes under our belt, paying our partners many millions of dollars over this time.   Not sure if the new crop of CPA networks can make that claim.    And, while we started out as affiliates ourselves, we no longer advertise directly, so as to not compete with our affiliates.    Guaranteed that most of these New Networks-Of-The-Week are still active affiliates, probably advertising the very same campaigns as their affiliates.   We don’t compete with our affiliates.  It’s a matter of respect and trust. Continue Reading…

Three Strikes

Today the loveliest thing happened. And by lovely I mean mortifying and embarrassing.

I took my son to the doctor for his third year checkup. Everything was going well. In fact, I was shocked that my son was following the nurse’s instructions so well for the eye test, “close one eye and tell me what letter you see in this line.” Is that my son? I was so proud.

So when the doctor sat down with us to go over his statistic I was feeling pretty good and maybe a little cocky about my great mothering skills and my well behaved son.

Her questions were standard, how were his verbal skills, his coordination, etc. Then she asked about his eating habits.

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Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur, whether big or small, has to stay on par with tight competitors. Everyone needs to be wise and efficient in operating their company. New entrepreneurs may occasionally discover the competition too hard for them to survive. Fortunately, there are business coaches to assist worried business owners.

Starting entrepreneurs need to discover the best ways to think about sensible and basic plans. There are business owners who often plan unrealistic targets due to the fact that they wish to become successful as rapidly as they can. Setting huge goals will not always help businesses. Actually, they are more likely to fail if goals are too huge and can not be achieved within the time frame the business owner has actually established. Company coaches help brand-new entrepreneurs to establish additional achievable goals for themselves. Setting smaller targets may take longer, but it will surely aid the business attain a stable performance and a document of excellence.

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The story of why I may never leave my bedroom

Ok, well, we’ll get to that story shortly, but first, I must again comment on the exhaustion of a pregnant lady. I used to think I was tired, but no. You do not know TIRED until you’re pregnant.

Friday, I worked from home, and by worked from home, I mean, visited my girl and partner in motherhood and her twin girls and ate pizza. Kidding. In reality, I did both. I came home Friday afternoon and napped, and then we went out for a quick dinner, which I ate 2 bites of and took the rest home. During the 1st month of pregnancy, I could eat anything, anywhere, anytime. Now as I’m ending month #2, I find myself hungry occasionally, but unable to eat much of anything at one sitting. I eat my meals in stages. Then we came home and I showered and went to bed at 7:30.

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Greatest Dream Achieved…Now What?

Last time we went we did the whole “touristy” thing and visited the Empire State Building, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty and blah blah blah. The thing that annoyed me most is that I never got to see NYC in darkness because I was in bed by 5 p.m. falling asleep to HBO movies – jet lag is a bitch. My father is in the U.S. army stationed in Germany, so flying into the U.S. causes this sort of problems. Every time I’d check my parents camera they’d have the most amazing pictures of the city at night – this time I’m packing the caffeine tablets, and taking a pack a time because I cannot miss this!

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Small improvements are the path to success

In work from home careers such as home internet businesses that involve a network or team, you will be the Leader for the people you attract into the business opportunity.

Looking at the Leadership principles contained in, How to Win Friends and Influence People it is emphasized we need to positively acknowledge this Leadership role. Why does he Dale Carnegie devote a whole section to Leadership? The answer is simple, people are attracted to Leaders. The book is about how to win over people hence the more you behave like a Leader the more people will be attracted to your opportunity.

One of the things I have seen unsuccessful Leaders do is the, ‘leave alone zap’ way of Leading. This method involves ignoring people if they are doing things right day in and day out, but boy do they ‘zap’ you if you get it wrong once. This is a bad way to earn extra money because your team begins to distrust you. I believe it’s the prevalence of poor Leadership in that past that has lead to so many people leaving home business opportunities in the past.

There is another much more productive, and I mean in terms of earning more money, way. If you agree with someone there is an area where they can improve it is crucial that you follow up on that. Be very specific about what the problem is and then when they improve tell them. They will do anything for you if you do this in a consistent manner. Continue Reading…

I Want To Be A Part Of It

MBA- It’s all about accreditation.

My friend who is graduating this year is thinking about getting into MBA program so we were researching recently what counts, how to get some good MBA but affordable because he doesn’t want not get yourself into debt so preferable , and of course all about accreditation.The right accreditation is important and can imply whether your online MBA diploma will get you up the corporate ladder or will turn out to be a degree not even worth the paper that it is printed on. Even if you choose a cheap online MBA you need to make sure that program you chose is rightly accredited.

We can find the following three different types of accreditation organizations that are important when it comes to traditional or online MBA degrees: Regional Accreditation, Professional Accreditation, and Distance Learning Accreditation.

Regional Accreditation – This is the most generally established form of accreditation. You need to be sure to obtain your MBA diploma from an online school that holds regional accreditation, if  you would like your diploma to be accepted and recognized by future employers. In the United States we can find six regional accrediting organizations that award this recognition. Remember that even when the MBA program and your classes will be presented entirely online, a business school’s accreditation by one of the following agencies is crucial:  Continue Reading…

The 17 Top Leadership Qualities

To be successful you need to be a Leader therefore identifying these qualities and developing any areas where you feel you are weak. In the last post I identified the first eight of these qualities. Below are 17 qualities Leverage is simply the term for being able to get income from work done by others.

Leadership in work from home careers

In 1985 Wess Roberts Ph.D. wrote a management classic Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun, which became a New York Times Best Seller.

He uses the documented life of Attila The Hun as an allegory for the secret to Leadership. In a work from home company the idea of ‘leverage’ is key. Leverage is what makes a business a business as opposed to being self-employed. Leverage is an income stream that is based on the work of others and which would continue even if you personally stopped work. To do this you need to have systems and leadership.

Wess Roberts identified 17 qualities that are required in all true Leaders: Continue Reading…

To be effective the leader you need to take advice

Wess Roberts in Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun has the following general principles about Leadership and advice:

  • A Leader who has a team that always agrees with them will only ever be given mediocre advice
  • A wise Leader never ignores the person who gives bad news but rather ignores the person who fails to give them bad news
  • A sensible Leader never asks questions where they will ignore the answer
  • A Leader who asks the wrong the questions will always hear the wrong answers

The power of reflection

In my continuing discussion of success in work from home careers today I want to cover the power of reflection. The Slight Edgephilosophy focuses on ‘the now’, about realizing there is only ever really now. The choices we make in each moment are what lead to the path of success.

How to reflect on your  business

Reflection  is about using the results you have been getting, taking time out to look at them on a daily basis, and then seeing if your home Internet business is heading towards success. The key is to remember to avoid dwelling on the past. If you use reflection that fact you did something wrong several times means you can learn. In fact you have learned, you have learned several things to change. You then have the power to choose to change the actions you take and reflect again. This is a continuous improvement process, ‘plan, do. review’. Continue Reading…