The power of reflection

In my continuing discussion of success in work from home careers today I want to cover the power of reflection. The Slight Edge philosophy focuses on ‘the now’, about realizing there is only ever really now. The choices we make in each moment are what lead to the path of success.

How to reflect on your  business

Reflection  is about using the results you have been getting, taking time out to look at them on a daily basis, and then seeing if your home Internet business is heading towards success.

The key is to remember to avoid dwelling on the past.Take my cousin Miriam, she has no high school diploma and instead taking a GED test she still complains about low income.  There are many really good websites that offer GED practice tests and online classes free of charge so there are no excuses for complains.

If you use reflection that fact you did something wrong several times means you can learn. In fact you have learned, you have learned several things to change. You then have the power to choose to change the actions you take and reflect again. This is a continuous improvement process, ‘plan, do. review’.

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Distress versus Eustress

colour-and-vision-throuspiderFocus on your strengths instead of improving your weaknesses – Quite often people are told to ‘do something about their weaknesses’ in order to ‘get on’. Actually this seemingly logical advise is very illogical and is counter intuitive.

Everyone is good at a maybe five to six things and they are average at a lot more. It is easier and smarter to leverage your strengths than increase your weaknesses slowly. This is known as ‘multiplication’ over ‘incremental’ changes. It’s what is meant when a business focuses on its core business to strengthen their position.

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