Things To Avoid When Writing a Headline


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“I read some of your blog.” I got that deer in the headlights look, said “Oh,” shuffled my feet while avoiding eye contact, and then went on with my work.  I am the MASTER of awkward situations.

If by master, I mean the master of making awkward situations more awkward.  Also?  I’m obsessive about said awkward situations, spending the rest of the day wondering what I should have said and what I’m supposed to do in the future.

Like, should I just abandon the blog until summer, when I don’t have to look these women in the face 5 days a week?  Did I post anything really embarrassing that will haunt me for the next 4 months?  Which posts did she read?  Were they awful?  Okay?  Whiny? Too much information?  (Of course, they were. This is my blog.  That’s what I do!)

I’ve done this kind of obsessing before.  An uncle said, “I read your blog and it’s just not for me.” Continue reading Things To Avoid When Writing a Headline

What does it take for a paradigm shift?

one-way-signLast week I met a boy, he was handsome, and smart, and kind.

We didn’t really have chemistry, but he was handsome, and smart, and kind… we hung out for most of the evening at a work function.

We chatted, he introduced me to people, and he got my number. I mean, we work in the same place and despite it’s size who’s to say we wouldn’t, ya know, need to contact each other for something…

That night I went home early, but I was thinking to myself, “now would be the perfect time for him to text me. he could say,

1. nice chatting with you tonight!
2. hope you got home safe!
3. *insert something else cutesy-wootsy here!*

But as I lay there in bed almost pining for a nice guy [who I was not actually interested in] to text me, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. I realized I was doing exactly what I had warned against in a previous blog post. Continue reading What does it take for a paradigm shift?